Though the pictures used are of a 2009 Tri-Glide.
 Installation of out Heat Deflectors are the same for the 2009 thru to 2013 Touring and Tri-Glide Models. On either model, the seat must be removed.  Do Not remove the side covers. Only the right side cover, which is held onto the frame at 3 places. Two at the top and one place at the bottom. At the bottom of the side cover. Using your finger tips. Pull the side cover from its mount, allowing the cover to be free at this point only. Later during your installation you will be required to close the side cover to trap the trailing end of the right deflector. Locking it in position.


A Is temporarily removed to allow access to the gray plastic cosmetic piece B.
 Which must be removed for correct deflector installation. Reinstall Bolt A and tighten.
C is the seat catch. This will be raised 11/64ths by placing the two supplied spacers under the bracket that's attached to the tank, which is also the seat catch. The spacers are added after temporarily removing the two hold down bolts D.
 Make sure to install them underneath the cross-member and not just under the bolts.


When the deflectors are install correctly. They will be in contact, laying on the upper contoured leading surface of the side covers. We used the same concept as the Motor Company. To mate two surfaces together. For example: Take notice of how they allowed your tank's center console and the tank's surface to come in contact with each other.
They used a rubber "U" channel for protection. 

Note: Make sure, looking at item D on the above picture. The placement of the left deflector has to be planted at that 10:00 o'clock position of that bolt head. This is only for the left side deflector. The right side deflector lays over the bolt head.

Right Side Deflector Position

Cable ties provided are placed through eye lets and wrapped around the large cable harness found inside and below all the wires or hoses that extend from the tank. We provided 2 cable ties that are to be added together to form one longer length. The cable ties allow for you to snug fit the deflectors and to hold any wires or hoses that pass through this area. The deflectors are to lay on the frame near the tank, not on the wires. DO NOT  over tighten the cable ties! They are to be snug only. This allows the deflectors to remain in their places when you reinstall the seat. The seat, in combination with the rest of the installation is what will hold the deflectors in their correct position. 

Left Side Deflector Position


Upon close examination, the bottom trailing edge of the right deflector, shown in the above picture. The round tab at the end of the deflector is placed between the side cover and the frame tube that the side cover hides.  When this round tab is in place. It is then that you push the bottom of the right side cover closed. You will hear it pop into it's rubber grommet. This will lock the deflector in place. Please take note. The left side heat deflector does not go under the side cover at all. The deflector you see in the above picture is in it's correct position. Take notice to where different parts of the motorcycle are in relation to the Heat deflector's placement. Also on the right deflector. Take notice of the long downward edge of the deflector in relationship with the long downward slope of the side cover. These two long edges must have a 1/8th inch gap. This will allow heat to escape when your doing a parade roll at 5 to 15 miles per hour. Another check point is to make sure that you have at least  a 1/4 inch gap between the underside of the heat deflector and the chrome rear rocker box cover of the rear cylinder. After you have both deflectors on and you reinstall the seat. If you see that the deflectors may have moved a little. Just lift up on the part of the seat where your legs would cover and move the deflectors back into their position. If the deflector's move far from their position. You don't have the cable ties snug enough.

The Velcro shown in this picture on the round tab of the right deflector
 is only supplied for the Tri-Glides. It is not required on the touring models.

For Tri-Glide owners. The right side cover will indeed pull out at it's base
 to allow for insertion of the round tab of the right deflector. 

Left Side Deflector Position


If more information is needed. Just look at the installation of the 92-07 instructions on our site. The only difference is that Cable Ties are used instead of Velcro. You can also call RJ for answers at 910-592-1585. This includes weekends and week nights before 8:00PM EST.