The Softail pictured above had custom bags made and the OEM seat recovered with a brown vinyl that had the required backing that would allow our industrial adhesive to bond both the vinyl and the aluminum deflector surfaces together. The back side of the vinyl resembles the same cross thatched thread pattern as seen on the inside a pair of denim jeans. If you require us to match our deflectors to the color of the covering you have changed your seat too. We will need that particular vinyl that you will supply. However it must have the type of backing we can use. Anything else will not work, this includes leather. We had used an acrylic paint known as createx to match and color the rubber "U" channel we edge our deflectors with in order to match the piping (edging) of the seat. The use of this particular paint is required. Since it is a plastic paint it will flex with the rubber "U" channel. For more information for custom work by us. Please contact us by calling 910-592-1585 or emailing us at: RJS Originals