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   Post subject:   "NO MORE FRIED THIGHS!!!" 
 V-Twin Heat Deflector

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I'm not one to jump on the endorsement bandwagon usually, but I wanted to tell everyone about a product John Bergantino tipped me to which has made a surprisingly HUGE impact!

I can't do this without a story, so here it goes... Wink

John (with Linda as backrest, of course! Wink ) and I rode the Iron Butt Saddle-Sore 1000 back in June (one of our new Chapter Members, Nick also rode in that, albeit separately - congrats, Nick!)... June 11th was a VERY hot day and most of the way out I was really feeling the heat! My thighs felt like they were going to blister at one point. John and Linda gave me one of those cabbie-type seat covers (thankx, guys! Very Happy ) which helped with the heat coming from the seat itself, but not the heat venting off the engine...

About 2 weeks ago, John and I were talking again and I casually mentioned that I'd love to get lower fairing vents like he has - they're sold now on the Küryakyn website, but John was trying to convince me to just take the lowers off. We then discussed what it might be like to have deflectors to pull in the air like they have on BMWs and some of the Rice Burners - John mentioned that he sticks his hand out to the side sometimes (I do, too), and how much air we could be pulling in to help cool off the engine...

Well, I guess John did a google search and found these heat deflectors:

Well, they're not what we were expecting to find, but!!!!!

I received them in about 3 days and they took a total of about 10 minutes to install...

I have to digress here because I happen to have an extremely rare and natural mechanical talent... Rolling Eyes I can turn any 5 minute project into 2 or 3 hours without any effort at all! Embarassed

Really, though, once I looked at the pictures on their web and figured out that most of the deflector goes OVER the side cover and not UNDER it, these things literally snap in place with almost no effort at all!

So I rode around with them, and I was absolutely AMAZED!

I thought maybe I was imagining the difference, so I took them off, and sure enough, within about 10 minutes I could feel the head through my jeans!

So, John and I were talking about them again at the Charity Run, and I mentioned how surprised I was. I then popped them off my Ultra and onto his in about 30 seconds, and suggested that he try them for a couple of days to see for himself... The deal was that if he liked them, he could hold on to them for his ride out to Sturgis to see how they handle on the open road and in some real heat.

Well, on Wednesday, at the Chapter meeting, John told me that he was already AMAZED at the difference they made!! So much so that he ordered a new pair to be shipped to me! Cool

Well, they arrived yesterday and since I now know how to pop them on and off, I installed the new pair in about 45 seconds,
 ( including mounting the Velcro they come with! )

I'm a believer. If you want to see them for yourself, take a look at my bike at the next ride! They come in the plain version like I have, also studded if you have that kind of trim.

A little pricey, but IMHO, well worth the money! I'm surprised Harley hasn't scoffed this idea for themselves! 
Thx -- Doc

I purchased a set of the heat shields from RJS as well.
Installation was very well documented and easy to follow.
They look like a natural extension of the black saddle.

Although the temp's haven't been really warm yet I can already feel the difference when sitting in traffic, etc.

Well worth the money in my book.

  Hi Folks

  I just wanted to add my 2 cent$. These heat shields are a godsend, I went to Daytona for bike week a couple of weeks ago and must tell you I was completely comfortable as the add says "No More Fried Thighs"
  I also was intrigued by Doc's praise of this product and purchased them this past winter, and could not wait to put them to the test.
  The test was a terrific cruise from Daytona down to West Palm Beach, Upon arrival was greeted with 85 Degrees and heavy traffic.
  This product as previously mentioned is a bit pricey but it really works as I had no need to even consider the heat build up between my legs as it was a
complete non issue to my shear riding pleasure.

Nick Maniates