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1993 Electra Glide Classic Trike Build


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stripped EGC.jpg (231373 bytes)


DFT rear.jpg (292863 bytes)

rear wheel set-up.jpg (342815 bytes)

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Tearing Down 1993 EGC

DFT Trike Rear

16" Mag

Polished SS Backing Plate

21" Mag

Mirror Finished Dual Dics

 Avon Venom Tire




Body for Trike.jpg (115443 bytes)

Back view body 1.jpg (278728 bytes)

frnt right.jpg (305062 bytes)

speaker grill.jpg (100395 bytes)



Hot Rod Trailer

Trailer Body as Trike Body

EZ Steer Trees Added

Re Finished Spker Grills

Khrome Werks Exhaust System with Slant Bell Tips

exhaust11.jpg (645080 bytes)

exhaust hookup.jpg (237758 bytes)

exhaust.jpg (659682 bytes)

antenna location.jpg (281488 bytes)

Exhaust pipes and mufflers pass through chassis.
 Not underneath.

 Flex tube was used for pipe alignment. Old exhaust pipe inlet tips were cut  from stock mufflers and welded to
 flex tube, allowing the
 use of the
 OEM pipe clamps.

Sway bar mounting plates were cut for clearance of exhaust mufflers and the Sway Bar Rubber mounts were moved in from their
original positions.

    12" Rubber Antenna 
was tie wrapped horizontally 
and will be concealed under the fairing. 


EZ Steer  Triple Trees causes OEM fender 
to tilt upwards.

The Front Fender Now
sits level after custom brackets were installed.

EZ Steer Fender Fix

Fender Tilt001.jpg (355397 bytes)

Front fender level.jpg (181174 bytes)

RS bracket.gif (197325 bytes)

LS bracket.gif (184053 bytes)


Engine repainted & Detailed

Receiver Hitch Skull mounted to Horn Bracket

Front End Complete

$21.00 Auto Zone
 Air Cleaner

engineR001.jpg (468772 bytes)

LSengine skull.jpg (603272 bytes)

Front End Complete.jpg (341312 bytes)

aircleaner close.jpg (225806 bytes)


Rear Body View

Body Set-up

Double Pouch Windshield Bag Added

Rear Body001.jpg (259027 bytes)

Body adjustment001.jpg (960097 bytes)

2bag mount001.jpg (212542 bytes)

2bag mount002.jpg (225829 bytes)


Custom Mounting Bracket allows pouches
 to set below windshield, intentionally causing added shade over instrument panel. While not obstructing rider's view through windshield.


The Angle Iron frame took allot of planning to ensure strength and the ease
 of removal. This frame was designed to allow correct alignment
 of the fiber-glass body and the chrome bumper.


Bumper Bracket 1st stage

Bracket Alignment

Bumper Alignment

bumoerbrkt005.gif (68674 bytes)

brkt003.gif (183062 bytes)

bumper brkt set-up.jpg (316569 bytes)

bumper002.gif (166495 bytes)


Rear View with Bumper

New Fabricated Frame with added down struts.

Frame addition painted
 and complete.
 This unit can be removed as one piece with ease.


bumper001.gif (151530 bytes)

finished frame001.jpg (371802 bytes)

finished frame.jpg (269737 bytes)


Body Prep for Fitting


Body prep 001.jpg (211834 bytes)

Body prep 002.jpg (225757 bytes)

WW001a.gif (71637 bytes)

Wheel Wells were originally 7" wide and are now being enlarged to accommodate a new wheel width
 of 9".


2008 Mustang Regal Seat is used for this build 




seat profile001.jpg (202080 bytes)

seat profile002.jpg (297684 bytes)

seat profile003.jpg (305048 bytes)

Seat modifications were easy, allowing seat to set on the frame. 4 of the 6 rubber feet were removed. Future plans are to lengthen the console to meet the tank. 

The 08 styled seats are better made and designed in my opinion.
 More comfortable than a seat that's made for a 1993. Plus it allows the rider to sit lower.


Horn Relocation and Upgrade




LSengine skull.jpg (603272 bytes)

The OEM Horn was removed and replaced with a chrome skull for looks. A 135 Decibel Air Horn was mounted within the rear fender. The curvature of the fender would direct the sound down towards the ground. 

horn location002.jpg (253818 bytes)

horn location001.jpg (304480 bytes)


wired001.gif (99882 bytes)

Horn Compressor
& Relay,
 mounted and wired within the rear fender. 

 Cover or Trap Door,
 allowing access to the Horn and Closed to the proposed cargo area.

trap002.gif (78152 bytes)


Tank  Console 


cnslgap001.gif (115449 bytes)

Tank Console has been stripped and along with the space between; will be  concealed by an extended aluminum cover, bonded with a black vinyl surface and edged with neoprene rubber "U" channel.  

cnslgap002.gif (129804 bytes)

cnslgap004.gif (152024 bytes)


cnslgap003.gif (93485 bytes)

Tank Console Cover


Seat Secured 


stch001.gif (165740 bytes)

A Steel Seat Catch was added
 under the (2) rear tank mounting bolts. 

stch002.gif (142477 bytes)

      Body Mounts
body mount 1 inch rubber mounts were used for securing the fiberglass body to the steel frame.
 Allowing a reduction of vibration and possible fatigue caused at these points.
body mount rear


Body Adjustment



With the front of the body cut out to allow for mounting on the Trike.
The lid wouldn't fit correctly.
Turn buckles were used to adjust and hold the body in
 it's correct position.


Just the passenger back rest from the Tour Pac
was used to portray a roll and tuck custom look.
The lid was then cut in predetermined places to allow for correct  placement
 of the lid.


Different Plans are are being applied for dressing up the Trike's Looks.


    Depending upon the Occasion.
 The fender skirts are removable.
  fender skirts 001 fender skirts 002  





Exhaust Pipes Extended



The Khrome Werks Mufflers extended past the trike's body, only by a 1/2 inch. 
It became necessary to extend them 6 &1/2 inches. I had used a portable band saw to remove the ends off an existing older set of the same. This allowed me to continue
 the chrome look of the tail pipes.


Below shows the space between the bumper and the trike body. I plan on making a panel that will fill this area. Just like the extended bumper look of the late 50's cars.  




Cargo Area


This is a challenging area.

The trailer's body was just a shell and a water tight compartment is now in the process of being built within the trunk area. This would also yield an access
 panel to the horn's components.
Angle Iron Cross Brace  Splash Panel Front Cargo Compartment Splash Panel Rear

I had formed a splash panel to mate
 to the base of the passenger's back rest. When the body's lid is closed. The bottom edge of this  panel will set down in a formed pan that is mounted between the passenger's seat's underside and the fender's surface. This seat bed pan
 (sounds like the right name for it), will direct water down towards the pavement.
  New Trike Trailer    
  New Handle Bars with GPS Installed    

113 Ultima Engine Install
125+ HP at the rear wheels and 120LBS of Torque

 LED Tail Light Modifications
The LED array that I have to work with is 2" in diameter and had to be mounted in this larger 3" diameter opening. I found that a medium sized Hellman's mayonnaise plastic jar lid actually fits perfectly inside the 1937 Ford tail light housing.

1937 Ford Tail Light                  

I used the adhesive pictured below to mount the LED array within the jar's lid.
 After the glue had set up I again glued the lid with the LED assembly into the Ford Lens.
This glue is is the best I ever used. (4 years ago I glued new soles to my biker boots and never used tacks and their still holding) I also spray painted the inside of the lid black.


In the pictures below, from left to right. The first is how well that lid fit into the tail light housing. The fit doesn't get any better than this! The second picture is with the LED's lit up. They are red and when looking at them with the naked eye, again their red. But when photographed. They look white. This is even so with the red lens cover on it.









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