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Now you can run your passing lamps without blinding on coming traffic or
 others that ride ahead of you.


The Bike Shades will fit on any 4 & 1/2" passing lamp that comes equip on a Harley Davidson.

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Our product is made with a "flawless" mirror polished Stainless Steel.
The inside of the shades have reflective qualities as well. The emitted light from the lamps that come in contact with the bike shade's back side, will help illuminate the ground lighting in front of your ride.
 Since the upper half of the lamps are cropped off and of course you do adjust the height of the lamps to a reasonable setting. You will not be blinding on coming traffic or others that ride in front of you.

When the Passing Lamps are off.  The Stainless Steel covers add a Classic look to your scoot.

 There's a few reasons to be aware of that causes our Passing Lamps to shine higher, even though they may be adjusted correctly. After 2000 miles of wear on a rear tire. The crown (center circumference) of your rear tire starts to exhibit a flat wear pattern. This contributes to increasing the elevation of the passing lamps. Or when a passenger climbs aboard or we load out our scoots for a trip. All these factors together or alone.
 Will cause our Passing Lamps to shine higher.

Just keep in mind that having auxiliary lights on with your high beams is a violation in most (if not all) venues. This is why, for decades now, all vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) are wired from the factory so that any/all auxiliary lights (fog lamps, driving lamps, etc) go out when you enable your high beams.
 Wiring so that auxiliary lights stay lit with the high beams on can get you a ticket on the highway
 and an inspection failure at the garage.

 When we ride with our Passing Lamps and the Low Beam on at the same time.
 When there's a need to turn on the high beam. The Passing Lamps turn off.
 When an on coming vehicle flashes us to turn off our High Beam. When we do, most will forget that the Passing Lamp switch is still in it's on position. For that on-coming vehicle that flashed us about our High Beam. With our Passing Lamps coming back on, even though we went down to low beam on the head light, will look more to be a response of blinding them back with high beams! In return. That vehicle coming at you will most likely respond with full High beams. Leaving us blinded and possibly resulting in an accident.

This is a real safety factor that can lead to a disastrous out come.

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