RJS Originals Bike Shades Installation

We have left the plastic covering on the shades to ensure you a Mirror Finished Quality.

Important: Please make sure you leave the protective covering on the Bike Shades until after their installed.

Lightly, using the edge of your finger nail, raise a tiny portion of the plastic covering where the curvature of the bike shade meets the straight bottom edge at it's corner.
 Leave the plastic covering on until after you have installed the bike shade.
 If, after removal of the plastic film, there's any plastic residue:

Simply wipe off with a solvent. Do Not Scrape it off!

Place your bike's kick stand on a 2X4 board or it's center stand, if so equipped.
 It's easier to view the levelness of the bike shade's installment with the your bike sitting straight up.

Installation is as simple as loosening your passing lamp trim ring and placing the Bike Shade against the lamp. Loosen the securing nut and screw at the base of the Passing Lamp Trim Ring. Depending upon the type Lens Trim Ring that holds the lamp in the lamp housing, you may not have to remove the securing screw and nut assembly completely. Hold the shade with the long straight edge facing down and lay the shade against the lamp sliding the top/center of the shade's small flat edge (shoulder) underneath the lamp's Trim Ring.
 Then apply pressure at the center of the shade.
 This will cause the shade to expand, (lay flat) allowing the rest of the small flat edge (shoulder) to pass under the Trim Ring.
 While holding and pressing the shade in position, tighten the screw and nut.
Allow the Trim Ring to capture/hold the shade against the lamp and in place.
On lamps that have smooth face, No Fluted Lines, make sure that the shade's bottom straight edge is parallel with the ground.
 On lamps that have the fluted lines, you can use those lines as a reference for alignment.
 Make sure to stand back from your bike to ensure that shades are set on there correctly and not crooked.
Now you can remove the plastic film and clean the bottom straight edge with a solvent, if there's any visible plastic residue on the mirror finish.
 Simply wipe off with a solvent. Do Not Scrape it off!

Cleaning The Bike Shades
When cleaning bugs off the shades. We recommend spraying the shades with Windex or some other liquid spray and making sure to let it soak.
 Hardened insects can scratch the mirror polished surface. Using the water pressure of a garden hose will remove the bugs.
When polishing your shades, make sure that the cloth you use is soft and free of any dirt.
Additional Installation Notice
We don't recommend inserting any other shades under the lens Trim Ring with the Bike Shades. I personally have tried this and you will need 6 hands and a lot of patience to succeed. It can be done, but I don't recommend trying this. There's a very good chance of damaging / scratching the bike shades. Keep in mind, that if you do try to insert another shade with our product, any visible rust or dirt trapped under an eyebrow type shade will show in the Bike Shade's reflection.
 Our product will not rust. This is why we chose a flawless Mirror Polished Stainless Steel.

If you have any questions. RJ can be reached by calling 910-592-1585