V-Twin Heat Deflectors for 1999 to 2016  Road Stars
2000 Road Star shown
Click on pictures for close up view

yamaha new001.jpg (16580 bytes)

001eyelets.jpg (84552 bytes)

001RSno_seat.jpg (24922 bytes)

001LSno_seat.jpg (21308 bytes)

Placement without Seat

Eyelets in 4 places
Front 2 shown

RS without Seat

LS without Seat


003RSfrnt.jpg (33367 bytes)

002RSw_seat.jpg (29172 bytes)

002LSw_seat.jpg (25745 bytes)

003LSfrnt.jpg (32233 bytes)

RS Front View

RS with Seat

LS with Seat

LS Front View

Road Star Rider's Comments

Our deflectors are made of Laser Cut Aluminum and the surface is bonded with a black vinyl
 to simulate an extension of your saddle.

If you have seating other than Stock or Mustang 2 up.
Please email us at RJS Originals Inc. Or call us at 910-592-1585 to confirm
 if your seat will work with our Deflector Design.

 As of this time. The "Corbin Dual Tour Seatwill not work with our Deflectors.






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