sportster Models 2004-2015

Though the pictures are of different years, the fitment is the same look as found on all
 Sportster Models from 2004-2017.

 Unlike our competitors products that are made of leather or plastic which can warp, crack, deteriorate, fade and just not last compared to ours. Which is made of .040 aluminum and has a vinyl covering bonded to it's surface that matches the grain of your seating thus giving an extended saddle look that blends in with the styling of your motorcycle. All materials used for the production of our products and manufacturing are 100% American made. The black vinyl that we use has a Mildew Resistant: CFFA-120 / ASTM G21-96.
 This is the same covering that is used on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) seats.
2007 Sportster with Amber Waves Jeweled Studding

Our product will NOT work with the following:
Sportster Peanut Tanks.
The Forty-Eight or the Seventy-Two
Please take Notice of the size TANK shown in our pictures IS what Works.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order with us on the phone,
 you can call us at 910-592-1585
Chrome Studding Chrome Studding Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue Standard Standard
Pink Jeweled Pink Jeweled     Pink Jeweled Pink Jeweled
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