V-Twin Heat Deflectors are now available for the Sportster.

  Applicable Fitment

 Our Deflectors are shaped to fit Sportsters from 2004 to 2012. However there are a few variations, like the tank size and the other than stock styled seating you have on your Sportster that will make a difference in the looks and fitment on your bike.
 If you have an 883C & 1200C model that has a 4.2 gallon and larger tank. Then our deflectors will fit. When viewing the pictures we have supplied. Take notice of how the seat butts against the end of the tank. Our deflectors will not be appealing when mounted with peanut tanks. This is because our Deflectors come in two halves. A right and a left side and the separation at the top will reveal the frame tube with that size tank.
 If you feel unsure as to the fitment of our product on your bike. You can email us pictures like the ones posted below and include your phone number and we will let you know if our fitment will work with your bike. You can also call us during business hours here in the east at 910-592-1585.    

Standard Studded Jeweled


Standard Styling is the stock factory look.

Studded Styling is 1/2 inch chrome plated brass studs. These will not rust from the inside out.

Jeweled Styling, when possible, can be color matched to the color of your bike. In the pictures above. For the Sportster's color we used an Amber Waves Jeweled color selection to compliment the Chrome Yellow.


Installation Instructions

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 will be shipped out and confirmed by email within the 1st week
 of our return and in the order that they were received.
These dates may be subject to change.