Windshield Scratches

It really depends on how deep the scratches are. The plexie glass polish #2 red & white bottle, found at HD Dealerships will work on light scratches. It's not a quick fix, meaning you have to take your time at lightly rubbing it out and making sure the cloth your using is always damp, flipped and shaken out constantly. One little piece of dirt or dust can add more scratches. For future cleaning of your windshields. It's best to main stream water on the windshield. Thus removing large bug pieces. Let the water soak on it and then main stream it again. Use joy dishwashing soap and water to gently wash the shield off. Also be very careful if the lexan is tinted. Though I think it's tinted throughout the lexan. With heavy rubbing the results can be a variation of the tint. (it's like your first dent, once you see it, you always see it). Deep gouges are there till you make or buy a new windshield. Hope that helps you. Also, when finished and windshield is dry. I use the blue and white bottle found at HD dealerships #1 for polishing the shield. This #1 is also excellent on polishing your chrome! or even your paint job. If you ever used that product The Bom. #1 leaves the same shine and is much cheaper than The Bom. One more thing,... I'm not sure rain-X is for lexan. I usually put the same polish I use on my scoot on the windshield as well.