RJS Originals Tri-Glide Mods

Original Factory View.  RJS Originals modified changes.

Since the Tri-Glide is HD's newest out there.
We here at RJS Originals decided to offer modifications to personalize your Tri-Glide.

We feel that our Mods will not only enhance your new Trike, but will also correct over-looked imperfections.

We had noticed that all trike kits and tri-glides that have had their front end rake modified, beyond the stock rake.
 Have caused the front fender to tilt upwards. As seen in the first thumbnail picture below.
 The second image below portrays the view of a new Trike build we are doing here at our facilities.
 As you can see,... we have corrected this over-looked imperfection.
 In the very near future we will be providing kits to alleviate this noticeable eyesore.  


Please check back for New Product Announcements. If you would like to be alerted  by email.

Just contact us and we will alert you.




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