V-Twin Heat Deflectors

The Heat Deflector is constructed of .040 thick aluminum. The outer surface is a vinyl that matches the grain of motorcycle's seat covering and is bonded to it's  Aluminum surface; providing a look as an extension of the seat.

For Custom Applications, leather cannot be substituted for the Vinyl Covering that we use. Leather is subject to shrinkage when exposed to long periods of constant heat. If your seat covering is other than black in color. We can attempt to match it for you. You must provide a swatch, (a small sample) and send it in with your order. Photographs would help us in determining the color and matching of the seat's style. Though we will strive to do a perfect match of your seat covering color, please note that the finished product may vary slightly. The vinyl covering that you provide, on it's back side it should look like the inside material look that denim jeans have. A cross threaded look. This surface will adhere with the industrial strength adhesive we use.

The Heat Deflectors give a distinguished look as an extension of the seat, unlike any import motorcycle styling. Decorative studs or other materials, ( fringe, braids, conches), can be mounted along the edges of the Heat Deflector in a way that conforms to the appearance of the motorcycle or the decorative options of the owner.

The Heat Deflectors from 1992 - 2008 are mounted with an Industrial Strength Velcro, which has an adhesive backing formulated to withstand a constant or intermittent heat. The Velcro is also pre-positioned on the Deflectors to allow for the ease of installation. All Heat Deflectors have hidden eyelets when installed. These provide added security with tie-wraps for prevention of theft and to maintain the deflectors position when remounting your seat.

In addition to appearance and functionality. The Heat Deflectors greatly reduce the amount of heat that contacts the saddlebags. Resulting in the virtual elimination of condensation that has long been a misfortune for the Saddlebag Compartment. This will eliminate the need for waterproof liners that accommodate items stored within the Hard Saddlebags.

                                               Custom Softail Heat Deflectors