RJS Originals V-Twin Heat Deflectors Warranty

This product is maintenance free. I have been testing this product on my motorcycle for over 7 Years and 80,000 miles so far and still growing. If for any reasons or questions that you may have before purchasing or after purchasing this Product. Please contact RJS Originals. We  will personally take your request or complaints or comments and expedite an answer to you.
  If for any reason your not satisfied with your V-Twin Heat Deflectors for DEFECTS in WORKMANSHIP ONLY. RJS Originals will replace it with a new set within 30 days of your date of purchase. We reserve the right to inspect the Product for said defects before any refund or replacement is granted. A 25% restocking fee will be applied to all returns.  Additional charges which may concur on all returns that reveal damage resulting from misuse or modifications of installation. 
It is very important that you read your installation instructions first! 
The only damage that may occur is when installing or removing the product from your motorcycle. I must stress that it's the utmost importance, that the edge of your seat is lifted slightly to allow for installation and removal of this product. Damage that may occur, will be the rubber edging may be pulled from the edge of the Deflector. Which is an easy fix on your part with an instant adhesive.
This product was designed to deflect the unwanted searing heat that comes in contact with your inner thighs only. This Product is NOT designed as a resting place for your Thighs! If you allow your legs to rest against the Deflectors. Damage will occur, by forcing the Deflectors against the rear Cylinder Head Cover resulting in cosmetic damage to Rocker Cover and the inside of the Deflector. RJS Originals will Not be held responsible in anyway for misuse of this Product and will VOID the Warranty.  

Respectfully Yours,
RJ/ Pres. RJS Originals V-Twin Heat Deflectors